Lighty Bites

  • Tahu Kipas

    Tahu Kipas

    Deep-fried battered tofu puff, filled with seasonal vegetables and mince prawn $ 11.95

  • Sate Sapi

    Sate Sapi

    Grilled marinated beef satay and topped with peanut sauce $ 13.95

  • Sate Ikan

    Sate Ikan

    Dory fish fillet satay and topped with medium spicy curry sauce $ 11.95

  • Sate Ayam

    Sate Ayam

    House favorite grilled chicken satay and topped with peanut sauce $ 11.95

  • Otak Otak

    Otak Otak

    Grilled Indonesian fish cake wrapped in banana leaves. Served with peanut sauce $ 13.95

  • Lumpia Udang

    Lumpia Udang

    Deep-fried seasoned prawn cake and served with sweet chili dipping sauce $ 12.95

  • Lumpia Mangkok

    Lumpia Mangkok

    Crispy cup-shaped crunchy pastry filled with stir fry mixed seasonal vegetables and mince prawn. Enjoy it with fresh mesclun and a dip of garlic-based chili sauce $ 12.95

  • Lumpia Goreng

    Lumpia Goreng

    Classic spring roll of mixed vegetables and mince prawn. Dip it in sweet chili sauce for perfect enjoyment $ 11.95