• Pisang Goreng

    Pisang Goreng

    Deep fried battered sugar banana wrapped with caramel paste and crispy noodle. $ 12.95

  • Pisang Bakar

    Pisang Bakar

    Grilled sugar banana topped with Kraft cheddar cheese and chocolate muisjes, served with chocolate ice-cream and fresh cream $ 12.95

  • Durian Pancake

    Durian Pancake

    Chilled and smooth durian filling and fresh cream wrapped in a layer of thin crepe (two pieces per serve) $ 12.95

  • Bubur Sumsum

    Bubur Sumsum

    Sweet traditional Indonesian rice soft pudding crème caramel and coconut cream *** Not Available

  • Es Campur

    Es Campur

    Mixture of grass jelly, red bean, palm seed, tapioca pearl, green jelly, and pandan flavored starch jelly, topped with shaved ice $ 8.95

  • Es Sikoteng

    Es Sikoteng

    Mixture of sweet corn, green jelly, tapioca pearl, kumquat fruit, palm seed, jackfruit, sultanas, and barley beans in lychee syrup and shaved ice $ 8.95

  • Es Teler

    Es Teler

    Mixture of green jelly, tapioca pearl, sweet corn, palm seed, and jackfruit in rose flavored coconut based syrup, topped with shaved ice and condensed milk $ 8.95

  • Es Cendol

    Es Cendol

    Sweet pandan flavored starch jelly in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup, topped with shaved ice $ 8.95