• Urap


    Mixed of steamed vegetables with spicy shredded coconut $ 14.95

  • Tempe Tahu Kuning

    Tempe Tahu Kuning

    Indonesian style seasoned deep fried tofu and deep fried fermented yellow bean blocks. Served with dried shrimp chili paste. Serve 4 pieces each $ 14.95

  • Tauco Sayur

    Tauco Sayur

    Stir-fry mixed vegetables with fermented yellow beans and chili paste $ 16.95

  • Perkedel Kentang

    Perkedel Kentang

    Indonesian style potatoes croquet with mince prawn $ 14.95

  • Garlic Shoot Cah Sapi

    Garlic Shoot Cah Sapi

    Stir-fry garlic shoots with beef tenderloin, salty fish, and chili shrimp paste $ 20.95

  • Buncis Ebi

    Buncis Ebi

    Stir-fry green beans with dried shrimp and chili paste $ 16.95

  • Terong Panggang Balado

    Terong Panggang Balado

    Grilled eggplant topped with garlic and chili based paste $ 16.95

  • Kangkung Terasi

    Kangkung Terasi

    Stir-fry water spinach with prawns, dried shrimps,and chili paste $17.95

  • Terong Ebi

    Terong Ebi

    Stir fry egg plants with chili and dried shrimp paste $16.95