Main Course

  • Cumi Kalasan

    Cumi Kalasan

    Squid tube stuffed with prawn paste and grilled with sweet and soy based Javanese sauce $ 24.95

  • Kepah Tauco

    Kepah Tauco

    Stir-fry pipi in fermented salted yellow bean and chili sauce ***Required pre-order $ Market price

  • Kepiting Lada Hitam

    Kepiting Lada Hitam

    Mud crab simmered in black pepper sauce **required pre-order** $ Market price

  • Kepiting Saus Tiram

    Kepiting Saus Tiram

    Mud crab simmered in spices, oyster sauce, and soy based egg sauce **required pre-order** $ Market price

  • Kepiting Saus Padang

    Kepiting Saus Padang

    Traditional chili mud crab **required pre-order** $ Market price

  • Belut Cabe Hijau

    Belut Cabe Hijau

    Deep fried battered eel fillet topped with green chili $ 27.95

  • Gulai Kepala Ikan

    Gulai Kepala Ikan

    Seasonal fish head simmered with Padang style coconut based curry paste **please check for availability** $ market price

  • Ikan Sambal Balado

    Ikan Sambal Balado

    Deep fried fish fillet topped with Indonesian style garlic and chili based sauce $24.95

  • Ikan Asam Manis

    Ikan Asam Manis

    Your choice of deep fried seasoned whole fish or fish fillet, topped with Delima’s special sweet and sour sauce. Whole fish $34.95 Fish fillet $23.95